Progress Update – Oculus Support, New Scene, Tests and Matchmaking

In the last couple weeks, we’ve done major process on the game

Full Oculus Support

As promised, we added full Oculus Touch support. The game plays great on the Rift!

New Night Scene

We’ve added a night mode for the beach scene


Alpha Test – Milestone achieved

While the ViKubb is not feature-complete yet, we have started testing the basic Kubb game. Big shoutout goes to Stefan and Florian from the German VR Discord for helping me finding bugs after bugs in their free time! Thanks to their help, all major bugs of the current scope are now fixed. They also promised to record some in-game footage, so that’s something to look forward to!

Optimized Matchmaking and Rankings

One think that bothers me on most VR titles is the time-to-game. Raw Data is a good example, it’s a very good game however it just takes too long to get into for my taste. For ViKubb, we tried to make it better – getting into the game is a matter of only 2 clicks. Hopefully, this will make the experience much more convenient and lower barriers for people to drop in a quick game when they feel like it.

The game features now full leaderboards using ranking scores. When winning / losing games, you win / lose points based on your and your opponents score. The the scores are calculated using a system called ELO,  which is also used in other competetive 2-player games as Chess or Go

Next Steps

I’m super happy how our testers have received the game and really enjoyed playing with them. With the basic competetive game now being in a well-working state, we are going to apply more polish and also experiement with additional features. I don’t want to spoil anything yet as nothing is decided yet. Stay excited for more cool things to come!