DIY Cheap VR staff controller and game

For the impatient ones: Just take me to the video. If you want, you can also check out our game ViKubb.

What I love especially about Gamedev and our great tools like Unity is that once you have an idea, it’s incredible how fast you can get it out of your system.

Yesterday morning, I was struck with the desire to play a game where you can fight with a staff, e.g. similar to Donnie Yen from Rogue On (except the blind part of course)

I haven’t had used my Vive tracker so much so this seemed like the perfect opportunity for some weekend DIY action. I went to the local toolstore and bought a wooden stick, a pool noodle (that’s what we call it in Germany ;)) and some M6 screws. This cost me around 12€ overall.

At home, I mounted together everything in just a couple minutes. Baby for scale.

I believe depending on the room you have you could shorten the staff a bit. Longer means more weight and control, thus more immersion.

Then the real fun started. I created a simple ViKubb spinoff where you defend a bridge agains an incoming army of bouncing Kubbs.


Finally, check out the result:

I’m quite impressed how well the whole thing handles and how immersive it feels to swing the staff around due to the added weigth. Really really cool!

If there is enough interest, I’m willing to finish the game and publish it for free on