Lets get Emotional!

Hey everyone, I hope you are all well

So last week I had to do a task that was a little daunting for me.

I specialise as a character artist, so a lot of this project is work that I am not 100% used to. For example i’m not used to building an environment, making it tell a story and feel right, it can be quite a challenge. I had one such task making some in game emoticons, aiming for a very simple clean style is a real skill (its why we got a friend Adam to create our lovely logo).

I decided to use that great logo as my starting point, my reference, and just tried a few designs. I went from being a little nervous about how they may turn out, to being super excited in a short amount of time!. Seeing the emotes in game, nice and clean and bold, really adds to the experience. I am super pleased with the early iterations, we feel we have more tweaking to do, but for now I present to you some in games emote.


As I say, we have some tweaks, Axel feels that the first isn’t angry enough, and we are undecided on the best international way of request mic communication. Is a mic too obscure, is a telephone too confusing? All nice problems to iterate on when we get to player feedback, when we feel we can let players get their hands on our baby 🙂


Myself and Axel played with these emotes, the day they went it and it was a joy, really fun to ping messages.

Cant wait to see others play this and see how they react