Firstly a quick hello, I’m Kris the artist on Vikubb.

So Yesterday I spent my entire day on grass and scene adjustments. It was honestly a long day, but as we and Axel are making this game in our spare time we have to take what chances we get to work on it.

As a result of working on this part time, it can feel personally like we make slow progress. I think Axel sensed my sentiments a few days ago on skype as he cheered me up by showing how far we have come since December.

It was nice to see and I wanted to share the progress.

Firstly some shots of how the character has moved on since the early VR tests.

And secondly some shots of similar views of the environment.



So things are progressing slowly but steady and its nice to remind ourselves of that sometimes 🙂


The environment is coming along nicely I believe, its grown bigger, become more logical and tells a story. It is now nearly fleshed out with all the props that I desire (for the first pass at least). Soon I will be able to really concentrate on making and balancing the scene for daylight, dusk and night (currently just Dusk made).


Thanks for reading. Kris.