About ViKubb

ViKubb is our attempt to bring the popular game “Kubb” which is also commonly known as “Viking Chess” and many other names to Virtual Reality. If you don’t know what Kubb is, check out this Video, it might give you an idea.

Our vision is not only to adapt the game into the digital world but make good use of the unlimited possibilities that VR provides (like playing as freaking VIKINGS) while keeping the original spirit of the game.


  • A unique game concept which has never been done
  • Calm and competetive gameplay
  • On- and offline play
  • Ranked Matchmaking
  • Play the classic Kubb or the enhanced version
  • Customizable Character with unlockable items

The release of the game is planned for 2017, we’ve started working on the game in June 2016. Target platform is HTC Vive and Oculus Rift with Touch